Gina M

Month you were born in:  November

Where you are originally from and/or where you live now:  Brockton, Easton

 What days/times you typically train at VBC:  6am, 530pm, weekends

 My proudest accomplishment(s) in my training:

Completing my first RX competition with Suzi. Being on the same floor as amazing athletes like Carolyn and Kat for Saturday workouts. Finishing all but one open workout RX this year.

Also, bringing other people into the gym like Jill and Matt. Convincing them that everyone at a crossfit gym isn’t hairless and ripped to shreds. Seeing the progress they have made. Seeing how happy they are. Also, judging the opens this year, for the last workout, the thruster one. It was great to help people come up with a plan, help them stick to it. I remember Katie Welch just killed it, and I was so happy for her!


Some current training goals and/or personal goals are:

Oh man. Need to work on skills. Increase some maxes. Hit 200 HBBS. I mean, who doesn’t want to be a beast?  Personally, I want to continue to take pride in every training day, every 5 lb PR, and also be sure to tell others how proud I am of them too.

 What’s the best thing about Vagabond

Vagabond has great coaches because they care if you are going to really hurt yourself. Not all crossfit gyms are like that. They may not always be nice about it, but don’t be so sensitive! Vagabond has also let me into a group of really great people. Crazy people like me who like to work out until they see death. People who share my drive and think it’s totally acceptable. People who will spend all morning working out but still eat a cheeseburger and crack a beer that night. Those are good people!

Kevin has also been so patient with me, helping me to be patient in my progress. Acknowledging my hard work. Every single person at Vagabond gets that individual attention, and that’s pretty amazing. That’s by far the best thing about this gym.

Month you were born in: 
Where you are originally from and/or where you live now:  
I am originally from New Bedford.  I have now lived in Stoughton for 12 years.
 What days/times you typically train at VBC: 
I typically train any day I can get into the gym with the 6 am crew.
 My proudest accomplishment(s) in my training:
My proudest accomplishment in training was competing in my first Crossfit competition last year, also completing a couple of Rx workouts during the opens.
Some current training goals and/or personal goals are:
Current training goals are to complete a marathon in January even though I said I would never do one again.  My day to day goals are to stay strong and healthy.  It is all about longevity and the ability to stay active for the long term (although I would like to get a muscle up some day).
 What’s the best thing about Vagabond
What is the best thing about Vagabond?  It is a tough thing to answer.  There are so many good things about this place.  I know it has been said before but the best thing about Vagabond is the community Kevin has created.  The way we pick each other up and push through the toughest workouts.  I started at vagabond 2 years ago looking for motivation and community of likeminded folks to workout with.  I found that and more.   Going to Vagabond at 6 am really kick starts my day. The things we accomplish in the gym make you feel like nothing can stop you for the rest of the day.  I look forward to going to the gym every morning.  Thanks to all the coaches at Vagabond especially the 6 am coaches (Jay, Kevin and Heather).

Jillian Rupple

Month you were born in:  April

Where you are originally from and/or where you live now:  Born in Plymouth Ma and now live in Pembroke Ma
 What days/times you typically train at VBC: Mon-Fri at 6am! I dabble on the weekend.
 My proudest accomplishment(s) in my training:  
Having my picture in the same room as, never mind next to, Kat Austin.
Honestly I think it’s when I stopped comparing myself to everyone else. You can get real discouraged real fast. I just keep trying to challenge myself and to be happy with each personal victory.
Some current training goals and/or personal goals are:  
To do a pull up! I am doing the pull up program and will get one. Ideally I’d like to be able to do it without both Jay and a band !
My biggest goal is to be able to graduate to Fitness. It’s not going to be easy, but I really would like to get there some day. I can’t believe I am saying that out loud.
 What’s the best thing about Vagabond
I think we all would agree it’s hard to pick just one thing. Personally, I am on a weight loss journey that started in feb 2013. I have lost 110 lbs with the help of surgery and hard work. As fat as I was, I always worked out. I loved the gym, but never got the results I wanted. After my surgery, I felt I would always have an asterisk next to my name regarding my weight loss. I wanted to get strong and fit to prove it was just a tool and I did the rest on my own.
Walking in this door was the hardest thing I ever did. The benefits of being part of this community are far more mental for me than physical. Being fat my whole life, I never thought I could succeed at something like this and be accepted by a group like this. My confidence has grown exponentially and I have learned patience and dedication. I could not have done this without Kevin, Jay, Heather and all my friends. You guys have changed my life. Thank you for accepting this “fat mom” into your community. I love you

Kat Austin

Month you were born in:  July

Where you are originally from and/or where you live now:  
I live in Mansfield, grew up in Princeton, New Jersey
What days/times you typically train at VBC:  
I’m a morning chick, 6 or 9am usually
My proudest accomplishment(s) in my training:  
Well the most obvious is being part of Team Vagabond at the Northeast Regionals this year, it was an incredible experience!  Seriously everything I do at Vagabond is a proud accomplishment.  I had to work hard (very hard) to learn muscle ups and lots of the other gymnastics movements and I am thankful for every failed attempt and every word of encouragement because it made the end result so much sweeter!
Some current training goals and/or personal goals are:  
Training goals are to keep enjoying it all and staying healthy.  Crossfit is humbling so I realize there’s always room for improvement, in everything!  There will always be someone better out there so I have to stay in my own head.  My personal goals are similar, to keep loving my life and keeping a good balance between work/home/gym life (haha, yes, gym life is a large block of my current life).
What’s the best thing about Vagabond?  
Sorry, can’t choose just one… Vagabond is my safe zone.  Everyone comes in for the same reason and the same goal of getting the workout done regardless of what phase you’re doing or even if you fail (face it, we’re human, we all fail sometimes).  We all struggle from time to time but the accomplishment you feel when the workout ends is worth it!  And it all makes me a better mom: more patient, more resilient, more prepared to face challenges!  I have met amazing people that I really wouldn’t have ever had the opportunity to meet in my “other” life.  They make me smile, they make me laugh and they just generally make my life better!  I have also gained a confidence that I have never had.  I no longer judge myself and compare myself to everybody else, now I wear my muscles proudly and for the first time in my life I don’t worry about my imperfections because I feel so good.  It might have taken me 37 years to get here but I’m glad I did and now I am able to teach my children these lessons while they’re still young!  Watching my kids pretend to be coach Kevin and doing wods in the backyard and comparing their muscles is the ultimate best!  They see that strong is beautiful which is what Vagabond has taught me!


Month you were born in: 

Where you are originally from and/or where you live now: 
From Canton and live in Easton
What days/times you typically train at VBC:
I’m a 4:30 girl, but love the awesome moms of the 9AM and the Saturday partner workouts.
My proudest accomplishment(s) in my training 
Completing the 2015 opens
Some current training goals and/or personal goals are 
I want to increase weight for all my lifts (deadlift, squat, strict press, everything), gain muscle mass, learn OLY lifts and get faster.
What’s the best thing about Vagabond? 
Can I pick 10 favorite things?  
1. Absolutely the community first and foremost.  I love every single one of y’all. Thank you for making workouts fun.
2. The coaches are THE BEST.  Thank you for constantly helping me improve, even when you have to give me the same guidance over and over (eventually it clicks!).  I can’t thank you enough for your encouragement.  Please keep helping me improve!
3. The programming. Kevin is a master at keeping us challenged while keeping workouts interesting. I’ve done Lifestyle programming for two years, and can still work on adding more weight, doing more reps, and finishing with faster times.
4. The ladies.  All the ladies of Vagabond are my heroes, from the girls who have only been at it a few months to the super-strong Fitness women to the incredible Competition athletes to the phenomenal Regionals team (GO VAGABOND!!!!!)  Watching you all get in there and get after it is a huge inspiration.
5. The family atmosphere. Working out together has brought me and Lucas closer together, and we’ve become friends with a lot of great families at Vagabond.
6. Better nutrition and overall health.  Lucas and I learned a lot from the No-Grain Challenges, and eat a lot better now.
7. Confidence.  I’ve said, “I didn’t think I could do that” a lot at Vagabond.  Now I’m going for it.  If I work for it, I can do it.
8. Safety.  The coaches at Vagabond are VERY smart and conscientious about making sure we are learning and performing movements correctly.
9. Flexibility. We’re lucky to have so many daily classes, and to have babysitting (thank you ladies holding it down upstairs at the 9AM!).
10. The community, again.  I’m proud of all of the charity events that Vagabond supports, and that the members participate in (food drives, toy drives, Schools on Wheels, Mass Hospital School, MS, Jimmy Fund, etc).  Keep up the good work, everybody!


Month you were born in: April

Where you are originally from and/or where you live now:

Originally from Weymouth; live in West Bridgewater now.

What days/times you typically train at VBC:

I try to make it as often as I can to the 4:30 or 5:30 class.

My proudest accomplishment(s) in my training so far is/are Completing the Opens. I was nervous at first because, well, let’s be serious, I am not the strongest person at the gym… But after talking to Melissa, Tricia, and Nicole about their experiences doing it last year, I wanted to take on the challenge! I’m so glad I did it! I looked forward to seeing how far I could push myself each Saturday.

Some current training goals and/or personal goals are

Well, most recently I wanted to make it through every Opens workout. I had never done cleans, or pull ups, or wall balls before, so I was nervous about doing those once the workouts came out. I surprised myself (even though my “cleans” or as Scott Melton calls them-my “zottman curls” still need some work) by getting through all the workouts; I will never forget the front squat and pull ups workout; I went in thinking I would make it through 1 round, 3 mins., but I made it through 4 rounds. I couldn’t move my arms for 2 days after that, but the pain was a reminder of exceeding my own expectations! A current goal I have is to do band free push ups, and I’d love to get a couple pull ups in too!

What’s the best thing about Vagabond?

Hmm.. I’m an indecisive person, so I’m going to pick three bc I can’t decide: the people, the individual attention from the coaches, and the variety/challenge each day’s workout brings. I’ve met so many good friends through Vagabond and I love the community. When Matt joined the year before me, I didn’t get the whole “crossfit thing”, but after just a month here I got why he loved coming so much. It’s addictive! The community and coaches are so supportive; I look forward to coming to Vagabond to destress after work each day!

Vagabond of the Month for February: Susan Antonucci


Vagabond of the Month for January: Mark Condon

Month you were born in: March 14th

Where you are originally from and/or where you live now:
Grew up in Stoughton. Toughtown, tell your friends. I’ve lived in Easton for 7 years now.

What days/times you typically train at VBC:
It varies due to work but usually either the 9, 12 or 4:30 classes. I go 6 days a week, usually taking Fridays off.
In addition to being a Vagabond:
I’m a brother, son, and uncle. Chip connoisseur. Bought my house and my business both back in 2007.

My proudest accomplishment(s) in my training so far is/are
I’ve made some big strides the last few months since my training with Corrin. Most proud of my 235# squat clean last month. Considering I couldn’t even squat that much a few months ago. I came in 11th in my first individual comp at Southie. Coming in 4th at the Frosty a couple weeks ago was great. Hoping to make the Top 3 podium soon.

Some current training goals and/or personal goals are
Way too many but I’d start off with hoping to squat like a real man by the end of this year. Every time I get a new PR, Corrin one-ups me the following week. I need to get my form down on muscle ups and improve my shoulder strength/stability. I’d like to get my squat clean up to 265# and my clean and jerk to 235#. And double unders…freaking double unders.

What’s the best thing about Vagabond?
It’s so redundant at this point because everyone says this every month but the community is incredible. Every competition we go to, we always have the most people there cheering on our respective gym. I joined vagabond on my birthday almost 2 years ago and it’s definitely changed my life. I’m there for almost 3 hours on Sundays sometimes just because there’s always something to work on and I genuinely like doing extra work with people there. It’s crazy to think how close I am with so many people that I didn’t even know 2 years ago. All the coaches have their own unique personality and ways to push you. I don’t know why Andrew just started calling me Conman one day, or even what it means, but I like it. Your ego gets checked at the door because we’re all there for the same purpose and that’s to get in better shape. Everyone genuinely cares about each other’s improvements. I think about my days at Planet Fitness and just laugh. I could never go back. Kevin has me here for life. As frustrating as last year was with my back injury, Kevin or Corrin gave me workouts to do. Every. Single. Day. Even doing the workouts with me because we all had a back injury. It sucked being in my own little “disabled corner” at times but being given something to do everyday kept me there and it’s paid off. That’s when Vagabond became my safe haven. I couldn’t compete in The Opens last year because of the injury. I’m already stressed about the upcoming Opens in 4 weeks but I’m oddly looking forward to suffering with everyone this year and not just being a judge. LET’S GO!!!


Vagabond of the Month for December: Stacey Green

Month you were born in:  My claim to fame, I was born in February in the middle of the Blizzard of 1978

Where you are originally from and/or where you live now: I’m originally from Randolph, now I live Easton

What days/times you typically train at VBC: I go to the 4:30 class during the week, 9 am on Saturdays and Circuit Training on Sunday’s  

In addition to being a Vagabond: I am a daughter, sister, a wonderful friend, a teacher and an Auntie! 

What’s the best thing about Vagabond? The best thing about Vagabond are the people and the coaches. I’ve learned so much in the last 2 years at Vagabond about my abilities and how to push myself. I’ve made some lifelong friends. All the coaches are so helpful and encouraging. I always have a blast when I go to the gym. My goals for 2015 are to get stronger so I’m able to complete the Cohasset 2015 Triathlon. 


Vagabond of the Month for November: Tim Paulus

Month you were born in: September

Where you are originally from and/or where you live now: Originally from Norton, currently live in Mansfield

What days/times you typically train at VBC: Initially after starting VBC in September of ’12, I joined the 9amclasses. For the past year +, I’ve been hanging with the 6am crew. I shoot for 5-6 days a week

In addition to being a Vagabond: I am a brother, son, uncle, culinary school graduate, cook, avid runner and cyclist, huge sports fan (especially the Bruins), dog lover and professionally am a wine and craft beer buyer for a gourmet market chain on the South Shore. I consider myself very lucky to work in such a fun industry filled with great people, amazing perks (free beer and wine anyone?), and travel; And of course a proud uncle to my 8 month old niece!

Some training goals: Where do I start? I’m always working on my core strength, more consistency with pull-ups, and maintaining healthy eating habits. Thinking I’d be able to a pull-up, never-mind actually stringing a couple together, two years ago was laughable. I also completed 3 half marathons this year; so eventually I’d “love” to try a full.

What’s the best thing about Vagabond? Without question, I think all of the members of VBC know the answer to this. We have all felt it and continue to feel it every day – the family of wonderful, amazing people that make this gym who it is. After walking in two years ago, never having officially worked out in a professional gym, I knew it would be a challenge for me to be able to “fit in” with the programs here at Vagabond. Little did I know regardless of age, strength, weight, or talent; anyone that truly wants to be a member of this incredible family of people can be. After seeing the look on Kevin’s face that first week when I could hardly lift-up the bar (with no weight on it!) for a benchpress, I admire his and the other coaches determination for sticking with me and continuing to tolerate my endless mistakes. I will never forget that moment – so thank you for that KO. Equally as important to me as the physical and mental improvements that I’ve gained, is the amount of wonderful people I’ve met that I now consider great friends. I have been honored to add so many positive, fun, and inspiring people to my life which I enjoy spending time with not only inside the four walls at VBC but also out socially as well. I am continuously humbled to be a part of such an extraordinary group of people.