Vagabond of the Month

Brockton but living in Easton for the past 14 years
Most days 430 but occasionally come in to workout with coach Katie and the 735pm crew (FYI members have been known to break out in dance lol)
Proudest moment was watching my kids being born. Most of you that know me have seen my love monsters running around VB. Also, because of a health scare, getting off the couch and starting VB gave me control of my life and kept my health in check. From day one Kevin preaching the VB mantra and specifically “consistency is the key” couldn’t be any more true. As physically tough and exhausting as it was in the beginning every day, every week, every month your body adapting and getting stronger motivates you to continue to push yourself. So looking at where I am now compared to where I was when I started I am very proud of my accomplishments.
VBC proudest moments are seeing the contributions from the members on charitable events. Members always seem to come through in a big way to give back to the community. The most recent Mainspring house food donations to feed the homeless left me awestruck. Being able to work side by side with Tricia Murphy and serving those in need an abundance of food from a lot of items donated by VB members made me so proud and honored that I workout with so many people that can work together for a great cause.  .
I have a lot of goals! I would like to continue to progress on conditioning, kipping pull-ups,learning Double Unders, and fine tuning my barbell work.
So many great things about VB. Being part of a strong community makes it a comfort zone where you can come to work out with friends that motivate you and decompress the daily stresses that come with life. Most workouts tend to consist of a lot of synergy between the coaches and members. Whether it’s coach Jay or fellow members seeing you getting tired and give you a motivational “let’s go”, coach Leroy walking into the gym and coming over to correct my form during a workout, or simple things like Spanish telling me I don’t need to wear underwear underneath compression pants haha. Also, the progressing programs that are offered are incredible like Heather’s gymnastic classes, Katie’s Kettlebell Classes, and anyone thinking about transitioning to Fitness phase I highly recommended Leroy’s Olympic lifting classes (I still need more Leroy sessions!). In addition to VB making me the best version of myself I of course have to acknowledge the great friends I’ve made from coaches to members.   . .

Vagabond of the Month for December

Brian Jaspon


May 29, 1978


Bridgewater, MA and now living in Easton, MA for over 7 years.


4x to 5x per week typically at 5:30 a.m. or 6:00 a.m.  An occasional Saturday or Sunday if kids sports don’t have me tied up.

Proudest Moment:

In chronological order:

  1. Being recruited and hired by one of the Big 4 Accounting Firms
  2. Passing the CPA exam
  3. The birth of my twin children Drew and Taylor, and
  4. Watching my wife Kate (fellow Vagabond member) successfully run the NYC Marathon (thanks to Kevin’s training)


VBC proudest moment(s):

  1. Coming to the realization that I am not competing against the other Vagabond members.  When I first started at Vagabond, I thought I had to beat this guy or that girl.  A few years ago, I realized that it is more important to compete against myself.  I use my fellow Vagabonds for motivation to push myself to work harder and be the best that I can be.
  1. Showing my family, each and every day, that staying healthy takes dedication and hard work.  I like to think that my children see the hard work that Vagabond has instilled in me and that I am a positive role model to living a healthy, hardworking, and fit lifestyle.

Current goals:

  1. Getting my nutrition back on track.
  2. Continuous improvement with strength and speed.
  3. Staying healthy and consistent.

Best thing about Vagabond:

The coaches, the programming, and every Vagabond member.  The coaches are constantly watching my form and providing me with techniques for improvement.  The programming is always new and exciting with every workout.  The programming keeps me healthy and injury free while pushing me to my limit each and every day.  I look forward to reviewing the workout every night and seeing what the next day has in store for me.  Every Vagabond member contributes to me successfully completing the workouts.  You all hold me accountable and push me to my limits.  This includes the strongest and fastest Vagabonds as well as the new members.  Without you all working out beside me, I wouldn’t push myself and continue to improve.  My sincerest thanks to Kevin, the coaches, and all of the Vagabond members for contributing to my health and wellbeing.

Vagabond of the Month for November
Erica Caliri
Bridgewater originally but we live in Easton
Monday – Friday (usually 4 days) 9am
Proudest Moment:
I am most proud that about 15 years ago I decided to to change my life to a healthy one. Before that, I never exercised, overate, smoked cigarettes and drank too much!
VBC proudest moment(s):
When I did clean and jerks for the first time in about two years and it felt as if no time has passed.
Current goals:
To loose another 10 to 15 lbs
Best thing about Vagabond:
What I like best about vagabond is that the workouts are sustainable.  I never wake up and don’t go in fear that the workout is going to be too much or too hard.  With that said, I always leave feeling like I got a great workout without feeling defeated by it.

Vagabond of the Month for October: Jen G.

When I first decided to give Vagabond a try, I was really nervous. I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t think I was “fit” enough. But my very first conversation with Kevin was so encouraging and I’m glad he convinced me to give it a try. I have friends who go to other CrossFit locations and when I tell them the stories of support and extra attention to training that is provided at Vagabond, they are shocked!


All of the coaches are supportive, encouraging and they challenge you to give it your all. The Vagabond mantra is true; dedication, consistency and patience. These three things will help you reach your goal and not quit. The community at Vagabond is amazing as well! The 7:35 Vagabond Late Crew is filled with great friends and makes coming to class fun and enjoyable.


Current Goal: Keep getting stronger!!!

Vagabond of the Month for September: Brandi B     

I joined Vagabond 6 years ago. It was at a critical time in my life when I had decided not to go back to a job that I loved and had been at for 12 year and to stay home and take care of my new baby. I had lived in Easton for some time but never made friends or had roots because I worked in Boston and was there all the time. It was a very lonely and sad time. I had a new baby and no family or friends around. I met Melissa De La Vega at a party.  She told me all about the wonders of Vagabond and I gave it a go! Joining the gym was life changing. I found a new home. A new place where I could be silly, happy and just be myself.   The workouts are great and empowering but the sense of community is what makes it the best gym around. I have made the most amazing relationships in my life. Friends that I feel so honored to call friends! None of which I would have meet without the gym. Just walking in at the 9am puts me at ease and a smile on my face. I feel privileged to call Kevin and Katie my friends. They have made the gym what it is today. I am proud to say I am a Vagabond member!

Vagabond of the Month for August: Meg Almeida

July 23, 1984

Born and raised in Norwood. I moved to Mansfield in 2016 and then my husband and I bought our first house in Easton last September and we love living here!

I try to get in 3-5 times a week, but with work and four kids the days and times vary a lot. I tend to make the 9:00 am or the 4:30 and 5:30. I’m also there every Monday and Saturday babysitting!

Proudest Moment:
Becoming a stepmom and then having my own kids. Being a mom is the biggest joy in my life. Also buying my house and giving my kids their forever home to grow up in.

VBC proudest moment(s):
This last year has been challenging fitness wise for me. I tested positive for the BRCA gene and made the hard decision to have a double mastectomy. I just went through my 4th surgery on July 9th. With every surgery there was long recovery time and getting back to the gym was a struggle. It was hard feeling like I had to start from the beginning each time. The first workout I did after my mastectomy was hard and I remember crying after from being physically and emotional exhausted . I was a little disappointed because I felt like it was my first time all over again, but I was also happy to be back and proud that I pushed myself. The whole experience has giving me new drive and I now strive to push myself harder everyday and become stronger than ever.

Current goals:
Right now my goal is to be back to all my pre-surgery PR’s

Best thing about Vagabond:
I know everyone says it, but it really is the people. I have made so many great friends here. Everyone is always so supportive and cares about each other. The coaches are great and their motivation and support is what gets me through each workout. Kevin has done so much for me and has been a great friend. I can’t say enough good things about this gym!




Vagabond of the Month for July: Kathy Irvine


Born – June 13, 1966.  Yes, I am only 53 years young Kevin.  I know you think I am in my 70s Kevin, but I am not.

From – North Easton, MA

Days/Times: I try to get to the gym three days a week. Most times 6:35 or 7:35.  But my work schedule does not always allow me to get there.  But I always do some type of activity on my days off.  You will find me walking my dog Ollie early mornings or riding my Peloton bike.

Proudest moment: Raising our girls, watching them perform music and theater throughout high school and college, watching them graduate and seeing them turn into caring, humble, hardworking, nice individuals who will change the world.

VBC Proudest moment: Getting to class and Surviving each class.


Best thing about Vagabond: The community!  Believe it or not, I was an aerobics instructor for many years.  Joe and I actually met at a Gym in Randolph (NATFI).  He was a trainer and I taught classes.  When Joe joined Vagabond, he tried to persuade me to join.  I was very hesitant at first because Vagabond is a lot different than teaching aerobics.  But the gym that Joe and I taught at was an awesome environment.  It was a community. We made so many friends.  No one was competing against each other.  Everyone enjoyed coming in, working hard, talking to friends and helping each other.  We had been looking for that type of environment for years.  Joe told me he had found it at Vagabond.  So I decided to join with my daughter Emma.  On ramp class with Jay was awesome.  I nearly died my first night.  But I finished and then started coming regularly.  So Joe was right.  Vagabond is a community much like what we had at the old gym.  You have great people who are welcoming and helpful.  They encourage you and root you on.  The coaches invest in you and continue to support you even if you forget how to do ring rows after 4 years.  Jay had to remind me the other night I was holding the rings wrong.  But he did so with patience and kindness.  Thanks Jay!  Kevin is amazing.  And although he tells everyone I am older than I am I know he cares about me and my health and wellness.  He knows his stuff and wants to keep you healthy.  I want to say thank you to all the coaches.  You are an incredible group of talented people.  We are very fortunate to have you.

In closing I will say, thanks to everyone for your patience with me, both members and coaches.  I know that during class I ask a million questions, I comment about the music (so many swears), and I do not believe that Kevin ever times accurately.  But watching everyone work their butts off (Erin you are amazing) gets me through the classes!

Vagabond of the Month for June: Sarah Brooke

Born: April 23, 1993

From: Layton, NJ originally but moved to East Bridgewater about 2 years ago

Days/Times: I try for 5 times a week, but that can be a little hard if I’m on the road. Always shooting for Leroy’s OLY Class at 6:30 and part of the 7:30 pm crew

Proudest moment: Purchasing my house in East Bridgewater!

VBC proudest moments: My proudest moment was finally hitting my 135 lb bench press PR. I had been working on this for years and constantly failing at 130, but finally hit it. We don’t bench very often but it was all of the other movements that Kevin has us work on that really helped me hit this goal. I currently am up to 140 lbs!

Current goals: My current goal is to be more consistent with my gym and eating habits. It is always hard when I’m on the road traveling, but I can always find a way to do the workouts at the hotel.

Best thing about Vagabond: Honestly, the people are the best part about this gym. When I first moved up here from NJ, I didn’t know a soul. I was lucky that my coworker, Robin Taylor, recommended that I come to Vagabond. I was on the fence about joining a crossfit gym, but Kevin has honestly the best gym I have ever been to. I love that there are multiple levels and you don’t have to feel intimidated about joining a crossfit gym. I have been so happy to become a part of the Vagabond community and it has really been the best way to adjust to our new life. I can’t thank Kevin and the rest of the vagabond community enough for being so welcoming.

Vagabond of the Month for May

Johnny Reilly

Born: May 4th 1991

From: Originally from West Bridgewater, now living in Taunton

Class: Mostly the 4:30pm

I started my adventure at Vagabond in an on ramp class in 2014 and haven’t looked back since. Vagabond has become such a huge part of my life since the day I started. Vagabond was even the place where I met my now fiancé, Kim Lawlor. Yet another reason I’m so thankful for everything vagabond has brought into my life. Vagabond has always been exactly what I wanted and such a huge credit of that goes to KO, JB, Andrew and numerous other coaches that have come and gone over the years. From lifestyle to competition and back to a healthy fitness lifestyle Vagabond and KO has always helped me with my fitness goals and aspirations, someone was always there to lend a hand or show you the vagabond way.
The thing I love most about Vagabond is being there over the years and seeing people come and go but Vagabond was always Vagabond, not just a gym but a community of great people trying to make other great people, better. You build and form lasting friendships that are priceless. I look forward to the gym each and every day and heading there to see people I can now call friends trying to better themselves. From the daily workouts, to the Vagabond Nights Out, to all the parties and events Vagabond puts together year in and year out, there is always something going on for people to get involved with and have a good time. The Vagabond extended staff goes above and beyond to provide for their community of members.
So, I say thank you Vagabond, KO, JB, all the other coaches, and members for everything you all do to make Vagabond, VAGABOND!

Vagabond of the Month for April:

Alani Ryan