I am interested in your constructive feedback on Vagabond CrossFit and the quality that we bring to our clients everyday. We want Vagabond CrossFit to be the best gym possible for yourself, and want to bring the best experience. Please feel free to contact me personally if there is anything that requires my immediate response.

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Kevin O’Malley

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A. Training/In Class:

1. How was your experience during workout?

2. Were you taken care of and trained during class time?

3. Was the workout/template explained with proper instruction?

4. Was the trainer helpful during class?

B. Vagabond Training:

1. What do you enjoy about Vagabond?

2. What classes would you like to see added if possible?

3. How has your experience at Vagabond been so far?

4. Do you feel Vagabond has changed your life for the better, if not, why not? If so , why?