“Resilience Equals Success”

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“No matter how much falls on us, we keep plowing ahead. That’s the only way to keep the roads clear.”

We all have come across times in our lives that have not worked out in our favor. Through all our lives we have or will face trials and tribulations that will challenge our overall mental well-being and ability to push forward through negative phases in our life. I am here to tell you, that you can and will fight through your let-downs, failures, and disappointments. It is through sheer determination, courage, and confidence, that one can reach real success.

How do we combat failures in life? The answer is really simple.  We start with small changes to fix whatever issue we have in front of us. Always start with simple and small changes to ensure this will lead to big changes. I have always said if we start small, then we can eventually chip away at the problem at hand, and eventually we will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Throughout history, the most successful people in the world have failed at some point. This is called LIFE! However, the ones who are successful are the ones who identify their mistakes and failures and then go on to build upon them. They aim to fix the issues they are dealing with on a hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly schedule. Be sure to break down the issue in front of you and take BABY STEPS to complete the task at hand in a realistic manner. Taking small strides is always the best approach, as this safely sets you up to take on more over a longer period of time. By spreading it out, you reach small goals each day and each week, and sooner than later, you will complete the goal in front of you! Some of the most successful people in the world, like Dave Ramsey, Financial Guru, has a whole system called BABY STEPS, to ensure each person can have a plan of action to attack their failures they have developed over the years within financial situations.

Keep it Simple Stupid (KISS) is one way to approach your life and sometimes keeping things simple is the easiest answer, but the hardest to follow.

Do yourself favor: take the advice and move forward. BE HAPPY!

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