I offer private coaching/programming on a very selective level. I require a certain amount of commitment and I EXPECT 100% honesty from my clients. If you are not committed then please do not waste your time or your money. Please only contact me if you are serious about achieving whatever it is that you want to achieve. If you are training for a specific sport, CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, or just general fitness I am confident that I can help you achieve your goal.

The prices below are a rough guideline but feel free to contact me if you have any questions or have a specific request.

Payment for all sessions is required in advance and I have a 24 hour cancelation policy.

1 Hour Phone Consultation – $50
-During this talk we will assess your goals, talk about nutrition, exercise history, injuries, etc. The purpose of this will be to find out where you are currently in order to put a plan in place to help you get to where you want to be.
This consult can also be done in person.

1 Hour Introductory Session – Free
This is where you can either come to my facility or we can talk through skype for an online consult to go over your plans, goals, and future aspirations. We are looking for dedicated individuals who are willing to sacrifice some pleasure for success.

1 Hour Private Coaching – (price will vary depending on commitment)
-These sessions will be preferably done at my facility but I am also willing to come to you.

Personalized Programming – $250/month
If you have very specific goals then a personalized program may be the right what you need. If you choose this option then it is assumed that you do not need movement coaching and that you have full access to a gym with everything you need. This option includes as much email support as necessary and 1 phone call every 2 weeks or in person meeting every 2 weeks.

Video Assessment – FREE – I am currently offering free video assessments. If you have video of yourself lifting, doing pullups, running, or whatever I am willing to review the tape and give you feedback. Sending me links to youtube videos is fine but it is preferable that you email me the file so I can make edits to it and slow it down if necessary.


Testimonials of Personal Program Design

Having run road races for over the past decade, I decided it was time to try something different and hire a personal trainer to help me achieve my goal of running a half marathon in under 2 hours and to complete a marathon in under 4:30 hours.   I heardfrom other members of Vagabond CrossFit that they used Kevin, and knowing what a terrific coach he is in CrossFit, I decided to give him a try. My experience with Kevin for the past 12 weeks has been life changing.  Every race I have run these past four months, I have achieved a personal record.  This past Sunday I ran a half marathon in 1:57:37 without much difficulty at all. In less than four weeks I will be tying up my sneakers one last time to run the New York City Marathon, and I am confident that with Kevin’s training, I will be OK.  Kevin has a very different, diverse, and fun training
regimen.  He is strict in his training yet flexible and mindful of his client’s needs.  I have been struggling with back issues, and Kevin has been flexible and understanding, yet he has definitely pushed me.  For me this is the perfect kind of training, and Kevin is the perfect kind of coach.  I would highly recommend him if you have a goal you want to achieve and you just need that little extra help (or a lot of extra help) to achieve it.

Kate Welch, Marathon Runner

I have been working out regularly for over 20 years and over that time I have tried many different fitness programs. When I started CrossFit
5 years ago I was immediately hooked and have never looked back. I started out on my own doing the workouts wherever I could – at home, at my local gym, at my work. Since that time I have attended multiple CrossFit certification workshops and even competed in some local and Regional CrossFit competitions. I am now almost 45 years old and trying to prepare for a run at the CrossFit Games ‘Masters’ division. I have many strengths that give me confidence that I can compete at this level. However; I also have some glaring weaknesses that really need to be improved upon. I became a full-time member at Vagabond CrossFit about a year and a half ago. What is different about Vagabond from other programs that I’ve seen is that the programming seems to have a lot more science and strategy behind it. Many CrossFit gyms pick a random workout out of a hopper and say “3-2-1-GO!!” and push their members to the brink. While that is a fun and sometimes effective way to build work capacity, I have discovered that there is a better way. Kevin O’Malley’s programming is based on targeting “energy systems” to build fitness across a broad spectrum and also training to increase longevity and avoid injuries. I have seen people who could not break a 10:00 mile, run a sub 7:00 mile within 6 months! I have seen others who could barely function when they started, perform feats that they never thought possible.Speaking for myself, I have been struggling for years to break through several strength plateaus. Knowing of my goal to compete in the CrossFit Games, Kevin designed a customized training program to build me up where I was weak. At first, I really did not enjoy this because I was forced to confront my weaknesses on a daily basis! But after just 3 full months on this program I am shattering Personal Records left and right. His programming also enabled me to rehab from a back injury that had been plaguing me for over a year. I have 100% confidence in Kevin’s ability as a trainer. I have seen the amount of time and work he puts into his gym and I have seen the results firsthand.

John Dunlap, CrossFit Masters Competitors

Growing up an athlete and a collegiate soccer player, running had always been a means to an end. It was never something I enjoyed doing, but it enabled me to play the sport I loved. Once soccer ended in college I continued running, doing smaller races, and eventually did a couple half marathons. After three half’s it became a regular question as to when I’d do a full marathon. No way, never could I do 26.2 miles. I always said I wouldn’t be able to run that far unless I felt a real connection to the cause I was running for. In March of 2012 I found that cause, Team Big Nick. A team that ran for fallen Marine Nicholas Xiarhos, someone I had gone to high school with. In June, I moved to Brockton and immediately joined Vagabond Crossfit in Easton (the first crossfit gym I found). Owner Kevin O’Malley introduced himself as owner, programmer and running coach. After a few months of hap-hazard training on my own, mostly just a daily crossfit WOD, I asked Kevin if he’d program me to train for the marathon at the end of October. Kevin programmed me for 12 weeks leading up to the Marine Corps Marathon. Every week was a different workout, and twice a week I would hit aerobic crossfit work outs at Vagabond. This variation in my workout a couple times a week helped keep me motivated and excited to work out. My longs runs took me further than I had ever run before, and I was doing them multiple times a week. I was finally enjoying myself while running! I actually felt good to be out on the road for a couple hours at a time. It was a feeling I had lost since college, and couldnt believe I found again. Along with programming my runs and workouts, Kevin taught me how to best hydrate and eat before, during and after my runs. His focus and assistance with all aspects of my running really allowed me to perform my very best on race day.

When Kevin first started my programming, I just wanted to finish the race. Kevin looked at my previous half marathon finish times, as well as my 5K times, and raised the bar by setting a goal of 4 hours and 30 mins for me to finish in. As my training progressed, I  set another goal of running 16 miles unbroken. When race day came I not only met all of my goals, but exceeded them. I finished in 4:05:25 (9:22 pace) and I ran the entire race, only walking to sip water. The programming I received from Kevin along with his encouragement and raising my expectations for what I could do, got me to finally accomplish a long time personal goal, and do it better than I could have ever hoped for. Thank you Kevin for your programming, training and support, I could not have done it without you!!
Suzi Estey, Beginner Marathon Runnner and Endurance Athlete