I’ve been at vagabond since this past Christmas and when I first joined I had some mobility weaknesses that were bothering me.  Kevin showed me a few stretches to do everyday and the coaches advised me on how to customize workouts to help with my mobility limitations.  I attended one of the mobility seminars that was offered and learned a lot about stretching and listening to my body.  I currently have improved in all areas that I felt were holding me back and I have set new goals, which didn’t seem possible a few months ago.

I also took advantage of the nutrition consulting that Vagabond offers and met with Kevin weekly for the past month.  We discussed my sleep patterns, food/water intake, mood and made some changes to my supplements. I noticed I no longer felt the urge to raid my fridge in the afternoon and I felt fuller, longer.  By meeting weekly it held me accountable and helped me honestly see what food I was eating on a daily basis, both of which I needed!

I have adjusted my lifestyle since I have become a member of Vagabond, but the people and coaches have made it an easy adjustment.  I look forward to coming in everyday, and I’m not going to lie I sometimes feel anxious about the workout, but I know with the support around me I will always get it done.  Either way, at the end of the day I always feel accomplished and better yet, I feel like part of the Vagabond community.


An open letter to Kevin O’Malley and all my other coaches at Vagabond (Corrin, Heather and John)
Thank you. Thank you more than you will ever know. When I went into this surgery on 5/13 to straighten my back, I knew there would be many challenges ahead of me. The biggest one being re-learning to walk and do steps after my spine was straightened (and therefore resetting my internal line of balance). I was in denial that I was going to be released directly back home; the doctors were convinced I was going to have to do a quick few days stint in rehab.

I just had my final PT/OT evaluation and will be released from the hospital tomorrow, not only right to my home, but without a walker, crutches or a cane. They were amazed at my ability to maintain my balance, as well as the strength I have in my arms (negative pull-ups helped me get up and maneuver myself in bed), core (planks helped sitting up unassisted while they put a brace on me for support), and legs (dumbbell step ups and lunges helped when PT was re-teaching me to go up and down stairs).
So thank you. I know I complained a lot (especially if there were lunges or Airdyne involved) and I am sorry for that. I am so glad that I chose Vagabond and Kevin’s style of programming over any of the other gyms. If I went elsewhere there is no doubt that I would not have the functional skills I have now to have avoided rehab. I also probably would have done more damage to my back and had to move my surgery date up sooner.

Many thanks to you again,

Kelly(2nd Lt. in United States Army)
Before starting crossfit, I was able to pass my Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT), but not to the best of my abilities. I remember the first time I took the PT test way back when I was a freshman. I got 21 pushups, which was passing, and failed my sit-ups with a total of 43 and my 2-mile run in over 25 minutes. It was pure misery. I think my total score out of 300 was 150, very bad. A couple years went by and I began passing, but couldn’t seem to get my score over 220. Then, my friend introduced me to CrossFit and we did WODs at school. My APFT score went up to about a 250, but I still wasn’t satisfied. Then, I found Vagabond on an Internet search for CrossFit gyms in Brockton. I remember emailing Ross and coming the first day not knowing what to expect. That was in March … my PT test in March looked a little like this: 35 push ups, 70 sit-ups, 17:30 2 mile. Today, in November, I earned my highest PT score yet, a 284 out of 300. Today I did 43 push ups, 89 sit-ups and 16:43 2 mile run. CrossFit has motivated me to be all that I can be and it makes me push myself to a place I didn’t think I could go. Everyone is SO motivating, which definitely helps, not to mention great coaching. It is the community that gets me through.

Jessica (member since June, 2010)

Working out has always been a part of my life; at times not as big a part as it should be. I played sports in high school, which made staying in shape easy and fun. I am now 28 and over the years I have had many gym memberships. I would take different classes in an attempt to make working out more enticing. Nothing ever really kept me coming back. Vagabond Cross Fit has brought me back to the days where working out is challenging and interactive, rather than a dreaded chore. I truly look forward to going to Vagabond every day! I ran my first 5K with fellow Vagabonds, which has been a goal of mine for many years. Cross fit gave me the drive, confidence and ability to follow through with this goal. The people at Vagabond are amazing, Kevin’s programming is phenomenal and because of this incredible community and our remarkable trainers, I am in the best shape I have been in since high school (maybe even better). I am very happy and feel extremely fortunate to be a part of the Vagabond Cross Fit community.

John Farren(Member since May 2010)
I am recognizing Kevin O’Malley and the dedicated trainers at Vagabond Crossfit for their incredible passion to help others reach their fitness goals. Vagabond Crossfit is unlike any gym that I have been a member, Kevin has created a community of people with the same goal; to live a healthy and rewarding lifestyle. The knowledge and willingness of the trainers to help members of the community is unparalleled. I am proud to be a member of Vagabond Crossfit and look forward to continuing improving my health and lifestyle as an individual while supporting the other members of the community. Thank you for all of your help and continuous passion to help me reach my personal fitness goals.

Mike Dillon(member since April 2010)
Crossfit is the true test of functional fitness. I have worked out at multiple globo gyms for almost 10 yrs now and always thought I was in great shape. A friend challenged me to try crossfit and keep an open mind. After the first workout it was clear that I wasn’t the kind of athlete I thought I was. That one workout made me decide that this is the way I should train. I immediately signed up at vagabond and have been addicted ever since. I want to thank that friend for challenging me because it has changed the way I eat, train, and live my life all for the better. Thank you kevin omalley.

Jenna(member since September 2010)
I have always tried my best to stay in shape. I played sports growing up and when I entered high school and college I would go to the gym. I never thought that I would like cross fit because I usually don’t like being pushed to do things, I like to take my time. I tried cross fit once and decided that it wasn’t for me. My boyfriend encouraged me to give it another shot and I’m glad I did because now I love it. I love being part of a community or team again like back in high school. Kevin has been a great trainer. He is patient with me and pushes me to do the best that I can do. I feel a lot better about myself now that I have started cross fit. I eat good (most of the time J ) and I’m a lot more toned than I ever was. Thank you Kevin!

Craig(Member since April 2011):
I was doing crossfit on my own for about 2 years, I felt I had a good base and could get solid workouts in, until I got to the point where I needed more.
This all changed when I joined Vagabond. In my short 6 weeks, I can already see and feel the changes in my body. The motivation and support you get from fellow vagabonds is awesome and helps you push through. I realized how much more there was to crossfit and Kevin’s knowledge and expertise is what I needed. His training regime is very effective and challenging. Kevin’s passion in his clients and their success is contagious and is changing people for the better.

Craig Pasquantonio

Jarrod(Sales rep from life as rx):

Thanks for letting me check out your space last night. I have been to a ton of Crossfit gyms and you are one of the top coaches that I have had the opportunity to WOD with. Staying true the the Crossfit progression you worked mechanics, consistency, and finished with ramping up the intensity. Even though I am still recovering from the ligament tear in my wrist I PR’d my clean by #20, you made it clear where I was losing power. You also gave me some great verbal ques to get me in the right position and when to explode through the movement. Thanks again for letting LifeAsRx sponsor your Grand Opening and I hope that your members enjoy the prizes we’re giving out. You have a great gym, great coaching, and a great community there at Vagabond Crossfit I’ll be making this a regular stop for LifeAsrx in the future.

Jarrod Davis
Sales Representative for Life as RX

Jeff Smith: United States Army

After a couple of years of weight-lifting and physical
fitness training in the Army, I started to realize I needed something new.  I was finding it difficult to get any
motivation to work out, every hour at the gym dragging along slower than the
last.  I was also getting injuries in my
elbows and knees by over-working my joints, doing the same lifts for months at
a time with poor form, and I running inefficiently as well.

Vagabond Crossfit and the coaches there exceeded all my
expectations.  What really impressed me
is their dedication to having such a strong focus on having you progress as an
athlete.  The variety of classes they
offer, from olympic lifting, running, kettle bells, and jump-roping in addition
to the standard Crossfit-style sessions helped me learn some very valuable
skills there I can use for the rest of my life.
The very strong sense of community at Vagabond made it a pleasure to
come in every day, every single person I met there being extremely supportive and

In four months, I outpaced progress I made in the gym in two
years.  I broke through plateaus in my
deadlift, bench-press, squat and number of pull-ups I could complete.  I went from throwing up on my first Crossfit
warm-up to being able to make it through full work-outs confidently, while
being injury free this entire time.  Helping
that is thanks to the trainers there, my flexibility is leaps and bounds ahead
of where it used to be.  I really cannot
stress enough how glad I am to have found Vagabond, and look forward to
training there in the future.