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1. Vagabond Next Beginners Class on January 7th, 2018:
We offer our Beginners Program, which is mandatory before entering the group class and will be directed through a well organized and efficient program. The duration of the Beginners Class Program is 6 small group sessions, which will last two weeks long. We will teach you the fundamentals of our Strength and Conditioning Program to help make your transition into the classes a little easier for you within a small group setting.
2. Vagabond Foundations of Rowing Speciality Class on Sunday, February 3rd, 2019, 10:30 am to 12:00 pm:
This class will be taught by Coach Jason Lounge and will go over all the fundamentals of rowing to make your more efficient within your conditioning workouts, be able to get more meters, calories, and better efficiency throughout being on the rower during your workouts. The cost of the speciality class is only $20, and will receive invaluable feedback from Coach Jason on rowing technique, form, and the ability to produce more power over a given period during a workout. Sign up today by contacting Kevin or Jason. Limited to 10 spots.

I. Dynamic and Mobility Prep Warm-Up:
Lifestyle + Fitness Phase Prep
3 minutes of zone 1 work
3-5 minutes of dynamic prep movement:
3-5 minutes of the following:
airdyne 20 seconds
5 goblet squats
row 20 seconds
5 push-ups or knee push-ups

II. Phases Strength and Conditioning:
A. Lifestyle Phase
Posterior Bend + Upper Body/Core + Conditioning
A. Traditional Deadlift, 1 rep heavy x 5 sets, rest 1-2 minutes between sets.
December 21st, we did 5 sets of 2 reps
B1. Tall Kneeling DB or KB Double Arm Press, 10-12 reps x 2 sets, rest 30 seconds.
B2. Side Bridge, 25 seconds/each side x 2 sets, rest 30 seconds.
C. Complete the following for time of:
25-20-15-10-5 of the following:
Cal Row
DB Thrusters or Barbell Thrusters @ 75/45 lbs
Total time is score

B. Fitness Phase
Lower Body/Core/Lower Body/Core + Conditioning
A. Clean Complex of the following:
Clean Deadlift(+3 reps) + Clean Pull(+2 reps) x 3 sets, rest 1-2 minutes between sets.
Use 90-100% of your best clean, perform 3 snatch deadlifts, and then 2 snatch pulls, this is ONE set, we did this complex last week with SNATCHES
B1. Tall Kneeling KB or DB Single Arm Press, 8 reps/each arm x 2 sets, rest 45 seconds.
B2. Back Extensions, 10-12 reps @ 1 second pause @ top x 2 sets, rest 45 seconds.
C. Complete the following of:
4 Rounds of the following: No rest in Between Rounds
25/20 Cal Assault Bike
20 DB Walking Lunges(10/each side)
15/20 Cal Assault Bike
10 Barbell Power Snatch @ 95/65, 75/45 lbs
(People can take snatch from hang position, if have back issue or lower back worries)

C. Competition Phase
Squat Base+ Snatch + Clean and Jerk + PC/Core/Upper Body + BB Conditioning
A. Snatch, 60% x 2 reps, 70% x 2 reps, 80% x 2 reps, 85% x 2 reps x 2 sets, rest as needed.
B. Clean and Jerk, 60% x 2 +1, 70% x 2 + 1, 80% x 2 +1, 85% x 2 + 1 x 2 sets, rest 1-2 minutes between sets.
C1 Single Leg Box Walking Lunges @ Barbell in Back Rack Position, 5 reps/each leg x 3 sets, rest 1 minute between sets.
C2. Back Extensions Drop Set Cluster, 5.5.10 x 3 sets, rest 1 minute between sets.
You will hold a dumbbell perform 5 reps, then grab a ligher dumbbell for 5 more reps, and the finish with 10 reps @ lighter weight for last cluster set. Have all 3 dumbbells underneath you at machine.
E. Push Press, 85%, 1 rep x 6 sets, rest as needed between sets.
F. Assault Bike Work of the following:
8 Sets of the following:
30 Second Assault Bike @ Hard Effort, rest 4-5 minutes between sets

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