Week 2 of Youth Development Class

Week 2: Warm Up: Hurdles/Bear Crawl/Toe touch and lunges  Mobility: Hamstrings- Straddle with Partners  A1: Single leg jump up drills B1: Side Plank 20 sec each side rest 1min- 3 sets B2 Partner Leg toss 20 sec work switch 20 sec partner: rest 20 Sec- 3 sets  C; Skill Work: Box Jumps check for heights…

Week 1 of Youth Development Class

Week 1: Warm Up: Ladder drills with Dynamic Stretch Focused Skills: Air Squat/ DB Push Press Board Review: Introduction to VBC Youth Development WOD: 6 Rounds of 30 seconds work 30 sec rest: *Run *Goblet Squat/Air Squat *DB Push Press Team Building Exercise:

Week 8 of Training

Week 8! Santa delivery warmup Rope climb warmup Obstacle team workouts Two teams complete as a group Obstacle 1.  30 box jump overs Obstacle 2.  20 shuttle runs Obstacle 3.  10 bear crawls Obstacle 4.   5 rope climbs Game and last class Christmas party

Week 7 of Training

Week 7! Obstacle course warmup Relay toss 4 rounds 20 second monkey hangs 20 second wheel barrow partner 20 second wheel barrow partner 20 second burpees 20 second ball slams Game

Week 5 of Training

4 corner warmup Animal activity Monkey hangs/bear crawl ect. A1. Burpee box jumps x5 A2. Wall pushup ups x 10 A3. Broad jumps x 5 A4. Monkey hangs x20 seconds Game.

Week 4 of Training

Dynamic warmup/ stretch FOCUS * Push-Press REVIEW * KBSwings * KB deadlifts/ Medball deadlifts WORKOUT 5 sets of……. A1. Push-Press x 20 seconds A2. Box Jumps x 20 seconds A3. Burpees x 20 seconds A4. KB deadlifts x 20 seconds A5. Sprint up and back x 20 seconds Rest 2 minutes b/w sets GAME

Week 3 of Training

Dynamic warmup                  + Partner wheel barrow walks + Fun With Kettlebells + 15 minutes on the clock EMOM Minutes 1-5 1.  20 seconds burpees 2.  20 seconds kb swings 3.  20 seconds box jumps 4.  20 seconds tuck jumps 5.  20 seconds partner Medball toss * repeat…

Week 2 of Training

*Coordination and balance* + Partner wheel barrel walks + Partner one legged squats + A1.  Air squats x 10 reps resting 45 seconds A2. Bear crawls x 15 seconds resting 45 seconds A3. Kb/ Medball deadlifts x 10 reps resting 45 seconds A4. Burpee broad jumps x 3 reps A5. Overhead press with db/bb x…

Week 1 of Training

Week 1 of Training: Day 1 of Training: 5 Minutes of Zone 1 or Game Prep Time + 7-10 Minutes of Corrective Exercises Prep Work Agility, Coordination, and so on– Whatever you feel is necessary + 6 sets of the following: A1. 30 seconds of burpees rest 30 seconds A2. 30 seconds box jumps/ step…