Week 4 of Youth Spring Development

Monday 5/18/15- week 4 Team run to warm up 400M Dynamic stretching 3-5 min A1:Hanging holds 30 sec x 3 sets A2: KB carry down and back in gym x 3 sets Skill review: Burpees and lateral hopping Skill work: 3 sets of 3 OHS working on FORM adding a little weight. WOD: 4 rounds…

Week 3 of Spring Youth Development

Week 3: May 11th, 2015 Foot work drills for warm up ( 7-10 Min) Shoulder mobility Skill Work: Wall Climbs KBS WOD : As many rounds as possible in 10 min of: 7 Push Ups/banded scaled 50 M run 7 KBS 7 Goblet squats Game: Lumbers jacks and Builders

Week 2 of Youth Spring Development Program

Week 2: May 4, 2015  Warm Up and Mobility A: Handstand Holds 20 sec x 3 sets Skill Review: Ball Slams WOD: 4 sets of: 100 M Sprint 10 Ball Slams 10 Air Squats 100 M Sprint 10 sit ups 100 M sprint rest 1:30 after each round   Game: Move the tunnel race

Week 1 of Youth Spring Development Program

OBSTACLE WARM UP- Mobility Hamstring stretch with bands Write your goals on the board! S- specific M-Measurable A-Attainable- make a plan to get it R-Realistic- r you willing and able T-Timely- can achieve in a reasonable amount of time A1-Wall ball toss -sit ups- 10 reps x 3 set A2- 20 ft partner wheel barrel…

Week 8 of Training

Relay ladder and hurdle warm up Circle Stretch Skill Work- rope climbs / rope pulls ****** wear long socks!!!****** WOD: 10 minutes of: 10 Burpees 10 Kettlebell Swings 10 Walking Lunges 10 Ring Rows or jumping pull ups Game: Team Cross the Gym Race

Week 7 of Training

Week 7: Warm up: Sand bag shuttle Circle stretch A1: Side Plank 20 sec each side x 3 sets A2: Hollow hold 20 sec rest 30 sec x 3 sets  Skill: Ball Slams   WOD: 4 rounds of:  Run 30 sec/rest 15 Ball Slams 30 sec/ rest 15 Air Squat 30sec/ rest 15 Sit UPs…

Week 6 of Training

Week 6: Dynamic Warm up with lines Agility: Dot drills A: Tabata – 5 sets 20 sec sit ups, 10 seconds rest Skill Work: rowing Workout:6 rounds of: Row 30 sec rest 15 Plank 30 sec rest 15 Push Press 30 rest 15 sec

Week 5 of Training

Week 5: Obstacle Warm Up- including ring swings Agility: Broad Jumps and a quick Earthquake A1:Plank Holds 30 sec , 30 sec rest x 3 sets A2:Banded walks 10 Meters ea. side x 3 sets Skill Work: Kettlebell Swings WOD: 5 sets of: AD 30 seconds 10 KBS 10 Box Jumps

Week 4 of Training

Week 4 Obstacle dynamic warm up Check in with some grip strength-Max hang holds( approx 1-3 min) A: Agility : 5 star cone drills- foot work Skill work: Wall Balls/ Burpees B1: Hollow holds 20 sec rest 1 min x 3 sets B2: Push Ups/ Banded 8-10  rest 1 min x 3 sets C:WOD 15…

Week 3 of Youth Development Training

Week 3: 3 Min Jump rope work Circle Stretch A: Agility: Partner Banded- Jumps side to side frog side walking + B: Skill Focus: Ring Rows/ KB Deadlifts + C: WOD 8 rounds of: 10 ring rows, rest 30 10 box jumps, rest 30 10 KB DL rest 30